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What a digital Approach to Art could mean

Ashleigh Buyers on Aug 26th 2010

What does digital approaches to fine art mean to me?

Well, what does the word DIGITAL mean to me?

It makes me think of something computer generated. I think of a screen, pixels and a mouse as appose to a canvas, drops of paint and a paint brush. I think of invisable information floating around cyberspace, instead of something physically in front of me that can’t disappear with an accidental  delete.

I also think of computer “perfection”. A line perfectly strait, down to the last pixel or a perfectly messy arrangment of pixels.

To APPROACH something means to either physical come closer to it from a distance or to come closer from a different direction. Either way, approaching something forces a closer examination of the subject. New things come up when you view the subject from upside down, side ways or even backwards.

I won’t begin to try and explain Fine Art. let’s just say when I think of fine art I think  non computer generated.

If you put the 4 words  together you get: A closer examination of  non computer generated works as if they were digitally constructed. Once you figure that out you could potentially recreate fine art works by using the computer and vise versa by creating fine art pieces that look or have to do with the digital media.

for example it could be a painting of a collection flyers created digitally but presented as fine art.  So it could go both ways.

With the computer and human mind combined anything is possible.

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